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When you are in a Fight - Things Don't always go as planned (Right leg)

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Understanding Your AR 15 / M4 Rifle

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Racist Amazon Promoting White Hate - Never See Support White Anything

At first glace you see Confirmation Bias - With more Observation you will see what is really there.

Sometimes having a fat partner comes in handy

Here is the story behind this Quota Hire:

Joyce Faye Allen had been on the Nashville Police Force for three months and had every reason to expect a good career. Instead, she and her partner got involved in a robbery in progress, she shot three innocent persons, one fatally, and one other person was killed. She is off the force before her career ever properly started and her partner faces a hearing on whether he behaved as required.

Miss Allen finished 12th in her class of 40 at the police training school, rated A-minus in her psychological test and ranked third in firearms training. She has retreated from public view, declining requests for interviews.

The incident has raised controversies in this city. There were petitions from angry citizens that Officer Allen be dismissed from the force and tried for the killing of 37-year-old Harry T. Walden, the store manager. He was shot by Officer Allen while he ran out of his store as the robber was holding hostages inside. Police on Force Discussed

The city's decades-old firearms and deadly force policy has come under scrutiny again. Confusion persists over the decision of Joe D. Casey, the city's Chief of Police, to dismiss Officer Allen not because she killed Mr. Walden but because she wounded two fleeing customers. There is also uncertainty whether the city will defend its former officer in any legal actions against her by victims or their survivors.

Chief Casey has set a hearing Thursday on the question whether Officer Terry Lee Coats, the rookie's partner on the day of the shootings, ''failed to take command of the situation.'' Police reports showed that he had not warned the rookie that people were fleeing the supermarket unarmed, which could have prompted her to respond differently after the first person was shot.

It was the night of Aug. 1 that Officer Allen, in her third month's trial after training, was assigned to East Nashville with 31-yearold Officer Coats, an eight-year-veteran and thus her immediate supervisor. They had not worked together previously. They Were to Take a Complaint

The two had been sent to Johnny's Sak-Ful Market, just across the river from downtown. The call was routine, to take a complaint from 26-year-old James D. Thaxton. He had been dropped off at the market, having been abducted earlier several miles away and robbed.

By the time the two officers had parked at the front door of the market, something else was going on. Billy Guy Anderson, a 30-yearold convicted murderer who had walked away from a prison workrelease program, was robbing the store. According to police accounts, Officer Allen peered into the store and saw Mr. Walden lying on the floor and Mr. Anderson holding a gun to his head.

Officer Allen told her partner what she had seen, the account continued, and he drew his pistol, looked inside and radioed for help.

The officers, the account said, placed themselves outside where Officer Coats could see inside. Officer Allen used a newsstand as cover. Both officers were on the same side of the patrol car. Manager Runs Out the Door

The robber then let go of the store manager, who darted out the front door, the police account went on. There was a shout to halt and the sound of Officer Allen's gun. The shot killed the manager. A few seconds later, a customer, 27-year-old David B. Hayes, ran out the door. There was the same shout to halt. He did not. He was wounded by Officer Allen.

Then came shots inside. The police said that Mr. Anderson, the escaped convict, had killed Mr. Thaxton, the man who had originally sought police help in his abduction.

By that time two other customers fled the store. One, Anthony Seagraves, 21, rushed toward Officer Allen. She ordered him to halt and then fired, striking him in the arm. Meanwhile the store had been tear-gassed and the robber surrendered.

In assessing Officer Allen's performance, Chief Casey defended her shooting of Mr. Walden, saying, ''In an armed robbery, it can be reasonably expected that the first person to exit is the person committing the crime.'' But the two nonfatal shootings, Chief Casey said, violated regulations on the use of deadly force.

Chief Casey said it was not reasonably certain that Mr. Hayes or Mr. Seagraves was a person who had committed a felony. Nor were they shot in self-defense, nor in the defense of other persons, he said, and they could have been apprehended within a short time.

While most cities forbid officers to use deadly force except when a life is in immediate danger, the policy here allows officers to use it to stop fleeing suspects whom an officer feels may not otherwise be caught. Sees Change in Department

''That rule does justify a lot of shootings that I think are unnecessary,'' said Thomas Shriver, the State District Attorney General. Mr. Shriver said that Chief Casey's dismissal of Officer Allen suggested to him that the department had been sufficiently shaken to consider re-examination of the firearms and deadly force policy.

This was the first time in memory, he said, that an officer has been dismissed for violating the rules concerning deadly force. ''How'd she blow it?'' Chief Casey said in an interview about his former rookie. ''She didn't get any help from her partner.'' He said that this view was based on the early results of an internal investigation.

Why didn't Left Wing Media Cover this?

Old Wanted Poster for Bonnie & Clyde

A sign posted over toilet in a Bathroom at Gun Range

Government & Religion Love Fear

This applies when working on other people's firearms.

This was doing the big TP shortage 2020 Covid 19

Here is the Smoke Points For Different Cooking Oils

The Blue Line Heroes Keep Wondering Why They are Called A Gang

Talk about a Good Tattoo with Meaning..

CNN the Fake News for 20 Years

Basics For Long Range Shooting

This may be one of the best realist tattoos I have seen. Great use of color to depth and 3d look.

Biden, Worst Acting President in history, Media Loves Him

2021 Christmas Gift Ideas - Signed AR by Kyle Rittenhouse
This was right after Kyle was found NOT Guilty

After Biden Ran out Taliban Put Out this Propaganda Pic

Police Are No Longer Protectors of The People

For a good funny read, this explains The Texas Chili Cook Off

Texas Chili Cookoff New Judge

But Black People Say They Are The Victim?

More Police Conduct That Shows Contempt for Pesky Citizens

I say it all the time, police do NOT prevent crime or PROTECT you, they show up afterwards to draw a chaulk line around you.

If you care to read the most treasonist American document ever passed by our crooked politicians - here is the Stab in the Heart of Freedom, the Patriot Act

The Complete so called "Patriot Act

Our public education system alive and well. This is the new way to stock up on gas duing a shortage

Welcome to Woke - When A Trans Thinks They are Pregnant

Me making fun of pussy cops always crying "I was in fear of my life" before they shoot a 3 legged blind Chihuahua

Thought this was great pic of Lightening

This pic was in my doctor's office - to show how little bones can support a lot.

In 2021, Alec Baldwin, a well known Left Wing Woke Actor hired this woman to be his "on set" Firearms Saftey Manager, during the filming of the movie "Rust". Alec later killed an innoncent mother when he was handed a loaded gun. Yet people look at Actors as Special and Smart?

This is great pic of my Quarter Horse Buddy and my Mustang Mr. T, eating breakfast with a great Texas Sunrise

Cops cracking on cops that write tickets because they are Pussies

Can You pick out the Vegan?
Hell no, because there is Not One.

More Africans trying to break into the USA because it is so bad and racist, they want to come here to experience Racism. More Liberal lies.

Philly Police depart

Philly Got a New Police Patch

More Great Govt education - We need more warnings

Police getting a fire hug - Government Will Never learn
When you push people enough they will eventually fight back

Woke Policing - On duty Police Woman decides to Breast Feed A hungry baby
people cheer - ?

This cop wanted to show up the other cop
He parked in TWO Handicapped Spots - Good Job you won

I give this award out when cops really go far and above to be jerks

The Heroes in the Fire Department are not Traffic Control responding to banana peels in the roadway just so they can say they are needed

"Plan and prepare for every possibility, and you will never act. It is nobler to have courage as we stumble into half the things we fear than to analyze every possible obstacle and begin nothing. Great things are achieved by embracing great dangers." Xerxes

Those who give up Freedoms for Security will have neither

I prefer dangerous freedoms on peaceful slavery -- Gov Never gives back Power