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Videos Blocked By Shit Youtube Left Wing
Think Like A Cop

Freedom - Unless YouTube Disagrees With You

This is Video that I can't Upload Youtude Censorship

Air Plane Crash Video Youtube Blocked

This video is where cops shoot a fleeing suspect that shoots at them and then he is bleeding out and the cops give first aid without gloves and not in a controlled crime scene.

Car runs over dumbass Antifa protestors and Left wing lying media will not show the Black man trying to burn people. Or in Part Two where the Antifa assholes attack the driver.

Here is part two of the above video where it shows the protestors attacking the car and driver. Of course YOUTUBE liberal left ass does not want this public.

This another Air Crash Video that was blocked by Youtube.

Those who give up Freedoms for Security will have neither

I prefer dangerous freedoms over peaceful slavery -- Gov Never gives back Power