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The link below has over 1000 PDFs for download or viewing on a shared Google Drive. Lots of great readings and training, Enjoy.

CLICK HERE FOR OVER 1000 Military Manuals, tactics PDFs and much more.

Army Cam & Concealment PDF Urban Operations PDF
Mountain Operations PDF Chinese Survival Warfare PDF
Krav Maga Pressure Points PDF Guerrila Warfare PDF
Army Ranger Operations Manual PDF Building Clearing / Raids
Military Ammo Data / Raids IRA Green Book
Mountian Operations USMC Kill or Be Killed
1881 Medical Encyclopedia Combat Survival & Evasion
Anarchist Cookbook US Army Resetlement
Cell Phone Hacks Explosive Devices
Fate of Empires List of HAM Radio Bands
HAM Study Info Sabotage Manual
Aircraft Crash Survival WA Police Survival
Art Of War PDF Army Survival FM5-103
Antennas Information PDF Urban Operations PDF
Common Sense Being Prepared Manual of Pirate Radio PDF
Counter Guerrilla Operations Counter Insurgency Operations
Dangerous Insects & Arachnids Thunderstorms, Lightning, Tornados
Improvised Munition Poor Man 2 Tornadoes PDF
Traps PDF Unscathed Survival
US Army Dead Bodies FM USMC Water Survival
Water Purification Winter Survival In A Car
Base Camp Hygiene Civil Disturbances
Homemade Explosives Fire Bow Drill
Fire Starting Steel & Battery Making Charcoal
Grow & Make Your Pharmacy Map Reading Navigation
Marine & Land Nav Psychological Operations
Building Snow Shelters Urban Operations PDF
Modern Guerrilla Tactics Solution For Irrigating Wounds
What We Learn From Terrorist Terrorist Handbook

Military Tactics Training Manuals

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